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Speed, transparency and communication

is what you can expect.

SMV Capital Group is known for producing diversified risk adjusted returns with a singular focus on capital preservation.

We are able to tap into decades worth of existing relationships to ensure that proper due diligence is done for the entire life cycle of the project. If at any point we believe our capital is at risk we will not execute the transaction. Likewise, we place our own capital in each and every deal. The underlying asset as well as the principals involved are the most important piece of the transaction. We execute a number of strategies to either enhance our portfolio with cash flowing assets or in many cases we reposition and sell. Every single transaction in all areas of SMV is looked at on an individual basis passing through our governance process. By staying lean and nimble we keep our operating expense low and are not forced into making a deal work because we need to place funds. Depending on the complexity of the structure we are able to fund in as quickly as seven days. We currently own or participate in real estate assets valued at over $150 million.

Give us a call today at 786.259.0319 to learn more.

We buy houses for cash in Florida, sell homes, lend,

consult and manage distressed portfolios. 



Our team of experts will partner with you to locate, negotiate, acquire, and sell your next residential and commercial real estate transaction.


Our lending capabilities are focused on short term and longer term debt and equity utilizing commercial real estate. We are not a mortgage company therefore we can partner with clients to create solutions that provide immediate cash to enhance your current investment. Speed, transparency, and communication is what you can expect. 


We can help you turn complex real estate and financial services issues into opportunities. Our consultants are seasoned topic area experts with proven success in various disciplines of real estate and financial services, including Transaction Management, Distressed Asset & Portfolio Management, Operations Management & Strategy, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Capital Planning, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures. 


We purchase distressed or discounted real estate in all asset classes with the purpose of bringing the asset to a “market ready” condition. Our strategy is to either cash flow or disposition the asset, executing a risk adjusted return.


Our team specializes in the repositioning of real estate assets with a focus on modernizing and revamping the asset.  We have the ability to upgrade and overhaul a current structure to extract value using the highest and best end use.


We actively deploy our equity to convert land into a structure or structures. Our team has the experience and capital to manage and oversee the building process and its encompassing activities including a full project plan, understanding and contemplating an exit strategy that takes into account market and timing risks.  


9737 NW 41 Street #973 Doral FL 33178


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