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SMV Capital Group can help your company achieve significant long-term cost savings by bringing scalability and cost efficiency to executive roles where the option has not traditionally existed.  


Want consultants that actually get the project or objective over the finish line?

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We buy houses for cash in Florida, sell homes, lend,

consult and manage distressed portfolios. 


SMV Capital Group provides full service and supplemental transaction management support across various concentrations including; mortgage whole loan trades and securitizations; mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; restructuring, and new business operations. SMV Capital Group transaction managers have significant industry tenure, giving them the ability to hit the ground running with little setup time. 


SMV Capital Group understands that strong relationship management and credibility are paramount for our clients, especially in transaction work. Our consultants have long-standing relationships with most major counter parties and third party service providers, allowing for better transparency and thoughtful management of third parties.


Diligent asset management requires full time oversight, especially when dealing with multiple service providers. SMV Capital Group consultants have years of asset management expertise and a strong capital markets perspective to ensure you are alerted to important trends before they impact your portfolio. We also provide Operational Risk support , ongoing oversight and onboarding new service providers to ensure longer-term controls are in place. 


Companies expend significant amounts of effort and money hiring permanent executive staff to support the development and implementation of new business strategies or to manage operations during peak periods. While this seasoned expertise is very necessary during the planning an implementation phases, these expensive hires are often not a permanent necessity. Over the long-term, hiring these experts as permanent employees can have a negative impact, resulting in a top-heavy organization with higher than necessary overhead. SMV can help your company achieve significant long-term cost savings by bringing scalability and cost efficiency to executive roles where the option has not traditionally existed.


No need to hire expensive full time staff to support new business offerings or existing business transformations. SMV's strategy consultants have decades of experience so you can be confident in your business structure and long-term strategy before making a costly permanent commitment. Our independent perspective ensures that all solutions are thoroughly vetted and thoughtfully implemented taking into consideration your business goals, challenges, and culture. We can support large scale project management to see your project through to completion, and can help you identify the best post-implementation management with our Executive Staffing and Placement service



Navigating today's complex compliance environment can be challenging without the right subject matter expert in place. The years of experience required to provide meaningful compliance advice can translate into a big hiring expense... an expense that may not be necessary long- term. SMV's compliance executives can guide the way with trustworthy advice backed by years of real world experience, without adding a permanent expense. Let us assist in dealing with regulatory inquiries, establishing compliant policies and business processes, or building an operational risk infrastructure that will protect your business long-term. 

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SMV Capital Group consultants are seasoned topic area experts with proven success in various disciplines of financial services, including Transaction Management, Asset Management, Operations Management & Strategy, Risk Management, Corporate Finance and Capital Planning, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures. Most have 20+ years of experience in their line of work, and have held positions from Director to CEO level.

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Seasoned SMV Capital Group consultants hit the ground running with little or no training time, allowing for efficient execution of strategic projects and business transformation initiatives without the commitment of permanent hiring. They can also step in to supplement existing teams during peak periods, providing scalability to executive level roles, and driving significant savings over permanent headcount.

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